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Venting..... Husbands, writing, hunting, respect
Needing to VENT! My husband is...... well.... he's really a nice guy. I love him... but he really has no idea how often he comes to me when I"m in the middle of something and expects me to just drop everything because he's got something he wants me to do. **!!**
Ugh. And he doesn't see it. This time (and a lot of times in the past) it's my writing. I FINALLY put time for writing on my schedule for me this past Saturday.... so what happens? After he spends FIVE days, all day, hunting this month, he comes home early on Saturday because my son got a deer that morning (very proud btw) and thinks I should drop everything to spend time with him and do things he's behind in. I said no. Politely. (honestly...okay...maybe with slight irritation in my voice) But I tried to be really polite and explain that I was behind in accomplishing my necessary tasks for the day and needed to do that before doing some things I really was looking forward to doing and I needed to do those things in the daytime (I just function better at tasks and at writing in the daytime) and that we could talk later in the evening. He is still holding this over my head because something came up this morning that we didn't do together which he asked about two weeks ago. He's trying to say the only reason it didn't get done is because I couldn't make him a priority on Saturday. UGH!!!! Of course, he forgets that I reminded him twice and told him I had started working on that several days after he asked. And of course, it was only my fault that I wasn't available Saturday. ??? Is it me or is it men that don't seem to realize that hunting is optional and if you have something you seriously need or want to get done maybe you shouldn't spend 11-12 hours in the woods 4 days in a row?

I did, however, before he even got home today, manage to finally post a bit that I had written up the other day....did some revision last night and posted today at my blog on Wordpress.

Anyway.... I'm just frustrated.  I always felt that when I worked in the public schools, he treated what I did with respect and understood that if I had things to work on at home, that's what I had to do and he respected it.  But when it comes to my writing.... nope.  He says he supports it.... SAYS he wants me to..... SAYS I deserve to do what I want..... but his actions.  Nope.


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