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Looking for children's author's blogs....
So the writer's bug has bit me again.... and I've been blogging much more on my wordpress site than I do on here.

I just don't get much following on here and I like getting feedback on wordpress.

And to feed my knowledge and ignite my imagination I like following children's author's blogs... so I'm trying to find them and am having a hard time. I have some friends that are authors on here. I'm hoping some of them will see this post and let me know of other writers that may have blogs on here or on other blog sites. I'm hoping to join SCBWI again soon. I haven't really written anything for a manuscript yet... the bug just bit me a week or two ago... but I do have some thoughts written down and am getting ready to dust off the old manuscripts and things I've kept once I get enough time to open that cupboard. I think it will happen soon. I've cleared some space on my desk and am working on freeing up a little bit of time in the day. It won't be much... but some is better than none!

Hope you are all well!

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I don't know many younger children's authors enough to have blog recommendations there. I like Rachel Neumeier's blog a lot, but she's focused on YA and adult (though she does read some middle grade books). I love Robin McKinley and Elizabeth Wein's blogs, but neither of them tend to focus on the craft aspect. It's much more everyday stuff. Kristin Cashore does sometimes talk about revising and writing, as does Miriam Forster (though she's largely not updating her Wordpress blog anymore). Shannon Hale might be good! She tends to have an interesting perspective on things.

Thank you. Are they on here? I guess I'll google those names and see what comes up. I appreciate the help. I'll try to check these out!

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