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So I looked up the cost of SCBWI last night ..... $85

I'm trying to determine if it's worth it. I haven't been a member for at least 4 years :( I haven't written anything but a few blog posts in that time. Not one piece of fiction or non fiction other than my ramblings on here and my other blog... which doesn't add up to much at all in 4 years time. I'm really wanting to get back into writing but am struggling with how to find the time, how to organize and really accomplish anything. I'm wondering if the membership would motivate me? Maybe the forums would offer ideas how to make it work... or will it frustrate me all the more??? I'm so frustrated as it is. I can barely give myself time to exercise or even do some reading here and there let alone write. But maybe I just need to find a way to force myself into it.

In other news.... my friend remains depressed and I remain someone she can sometimes talk to.... but it's overwhelming much of the time. I'm trying to be non-judgemental and trying to be positive for her and just listen... but it is not the easiest thing for me.

My daughter is home from college for the weekend :) I love seeing her.... but boy do she and I knock heads sometimes... lol... right now she's playing piano and I'm lavishing the moment.


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